Thursday, September 13, 2007

Queen of my Heart

Things I never knew
Places I've never been
I know and I go with her.
She is so small
has so much to learn
Life is all but discovered.
What's more
She has so much to teach
The world in all of its madness,
Bows down at the feet
Of the Queen of my Heart
Its rules do not apply.
She floats along from place to place
Her mind just wanders away
to places much better,
Much brighter and dear.
Each day I glimpse a peek
Of horses and butterflies
Babies and mommies
And Ring around the Rosies.
I'd like to stay
I'd like to play...
A tug at my mind reminds me
She is only small
Not long at all
So treat these moments with care.
The years are short
When days feel long
As we walk hand in hand.
The seasons change
I learn new love,
Her love
Fills my heart with gladness.
I cannot say
If there was a day,
So certain that she stole it.
My heart is hers
Forever and more
There is nothing that I need like it.
My only fear
In this whole world
Is to lose the love of this girl.
More precious than anything there ever was
Treasured like gold and jewels.
So sweet and lovely,
Warm and gentle,
Continue to show me the way.
Onward toward the King of Kings
with the love of a child in my heart.
If ever I forget how to love
I look in her eyes
And, somehow,
Without words,
I know the way again.
So much Truth
In our bond
And what she gives me
She will never know,
Until one day
She has her own
Sweet innocent, beautiful hearts
To show her
To give her
This that she unknowingly offers

There is a love
The one we give
This one is much different.
This sort invades
Takes over your heart
Teach us the way we ought to be.
If I could live
If I could love
I choose for her to steal it,
Every day
Every breath
Every smile
Every hug
Every kiss
All for
The Queen of my Heart

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Love, one of the things so often talked about through the ages...we are no different, we all want it. We come across the same questions...Where does it come from? How do we get it? What exactly is IT? (I will probably jump around when I talking about this and perhaps not even use proper punctuation or paragraphing, nothing new. I am writing as it comes.)
The funny thing about love is that although it is very confusing and complicated to describe, it is so simply felt and straightforward just the way it is. Love just IS. That is it....there are many faces of love that show up on occasion, but its state does not change, only its facets. When we believe we are loving something or someone more, is it possible we are just learning to love a new way? That love is already complete and we are finding its pieces as we learn to better love? Sort of like filling the pieces of our love pie, so to speak. Yes, it is most definitely a funny way of looking at it, but I think it is true. We find the pieces that fill the different aspects of love.
Where does it come from? Well, let's see...God is Love, hence there would be no beginning or end to it, just as there is not to God Himself. We will probably not ever know the entirety of God and therefore, we are also limited in our understanding of Love as well. We are the product of God's love, broken, torn, fallen in shambles from our own Pride, but we are still the product of God's love and should seek the perfection of God as Love for our life's work.
How do we get love, or have it? Well, it would follow that if we seek God and His Truth's then we would be an active part of His Love. When we follow God and His teachings, we can understand how He loves us, in our fallen way. Through being a parent, as God is our Father of all, He gives us a model. That which we expect from our own children is what God expects from us, at minimum...we wish for our children to do as we say the first time, act fairly at all turns, care for others, be polite and always tell the truth and seek it as well. It is our own Pride that keeps us from love and separates us from God as well. I suppose what I am getting at is that to understand love and to seek after it, we must also seek God and everything else will follow. God and Love are synonymous. Without God, there is no love, without love, there is so much pain and that confusion brings darkness and deception.
Well, I think I have reached a conclusion, God is Love, seek God and find Love, but do not let Pride take it from you as we often allow unknowingly. Keep your eyes on God and the confusion of the world will fall away.
I am just so silly, as if I know anything...this is just what I have been thinking about lately, swimming around in my brain.
Love to all, Xen