Sunday, June 30, 2013


It is as though I have everything and nothing to write about. Life is swiftly moving these days, between our newest addition, Nina Mae, an adoptive daughter, coming into our lives, integration therein, firmer scheduling and the height of the season in farming upon us, not to mention Jay's 40th birthday party I am planning! You can imagine all the sorts of madness and mayhem we are intermingled in right now.

So, this little girl, you may ask. Well, she is 22 months and full of GO! She may sleep a lot, but draws on all of our energy while she is awake. I forgot how much energy they use up and end up sleeping! Now that Kat is nearly 10, I marvel if she is in bed before 9, whereas Minnie Mae, as I call her (since she is the mini sis), wakes, eats, plays, sleeps, eats, plays, sleeps again, and then we do it again! Her total awake hours are so many fewer than Sissy Kat's, but far more intense, to be sure! What a bunch of fun and sweetness, but OH! these tired parents! ;)

Kat is enjoying her life as Sissy, but she is still getting used to not being the loudest voice and need in the house. From realizing that she may not have needed us that much before, but we were nearly always available, to understanding that toddlers have no idea of what waiting actually is and how that effects her is something altogether interesting to watch. She is a trooper, they both are!

The routine is helping us all, but we have yet to shift into gear where we go to bed at a reasonable time and get up earlier! Minnie is in bed between 7:30/8, on average, sometimes asleep by then and with it staying light so late, the chickens won't go to bed until around 9 and Kat has to put them to bed, because she is their mother and it means so very much to her, so we oblige. By the time she is ready for bed, it can be as late as 9:30 or later, depending on animal mayhem or stories being told, etc. and now the heat that has descended makes falling asleep more of a challenge for her. Jay and I stay up later to see one another for more than one minute in a row, without interruption, but before we know it, we are up way later than we hoped and morning comes all too soon!!

I am alone with my thought far less often, which is not a terrible thing, but sometimes it is nice to know what I think about any one particular thing, however that is not always a good idea, I am sure. Better that I am preoccupied by other things that fill my thoughts than to have them creep in and sabotage reality, I suspect. That being said, it is nice to have time to write down the happenings of life as it is these days, however few and far between they might be.

Struggle and triumph, a life full of intertwining of all things great and small; this is our now.