Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whether I will or not...

Whether I will or not, the current will move me
Like a boat on the sea
Or a bird in the sky
...the current comes and goes
And knows no other way to be
It just is...

Whether I struggle or not, I will be consumed
By the fullness
The ever-changing sameness
A suffocating freedom
No beginning and no end

Whether I fight or not, the enemy still surrounds
They breath on all that is good
They pull the strings of the unsuspecting
They whisper quiet nothings of temptation
They never sleep

Whether I am willful or not, things will be as they are
Perfection without prejudice
Love without pride
Unity without confusion
A succumbing silence of peace

Whether I know it or not, I cannot go this alone
There are righteous warriors at hand to my defense
The sea, the air and land
Shields and swords ready
All I have to do is summon them
Protect my foolish, stubborn soul!