Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From The Presses

In a zealous fit, the work of putting the 'old man' away, to be kept in darkness, comes without much effort. Keeping him bound and behind bars, with his insolence and deceit, self-love and putrid ways, is the work of momentary struggles that span a lifetime. Each day it is asked to take up this Cross, each moment and in every interaction. How often do we pass the opportunity by that offers us the reality that is Christ? In every thought and action, do we crucify ourselves alongside Christ, or do we ask of Him to let us off the Cross, to prove to us He is God incarnate all for our selfishness? What is more, it appears that the closer we draw to Him, the stronger the temptation to wish this cup to pass from us.

Such grayness is woven into our beings, as we look with clouded eyes to discern the correct path we ought to take. There is little black from white, as we sit as judge and jury as to whether a person is worthy of our mercy and kindness, the very same that is shown us from Him in our hour of need and darkest times. The only Light that shines through all storms, our Beacon and harbor, refuge and solace, Whose Creation is renewed when we reject the old man's ways.

It would seem simple, but whoever has fought any fight, knows that there are times when we would all like to just have it overwith, no matter the cost.

This was written at the onset of Holy Week, nearly a month ago, and it was so heavy within me then. I reread it now to revisit what did not get shared because I thought it not to be complete, but I notice it is enough to share and a worthy reminder to myself that every day is a choice as to whether we are crucified with Christ or we betray Him for the price of earthly wealth.