Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Light

The birds wake and call sweetly
They know the sun will come
Bringing the light and promise of a new day
The glass may appear half empty as the cold night lingers
While the warmth of day slowly pushes through the dark
The sky glows before the return of the sun
Rich and deep colors that do not stay long
The creeping rays of sun are crossing the previous eastward lands

Clipped in, I ride uphill to get the blood moving
The lungs begin their complaint
The morning is still very young and almost cold
But more beauty abounds than can even be counted
I crest the hill and level out for a bit
The sun is nearing the horizon as I come around a bend
I am listening to the Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction
Which refuses to be changed for anything
I glance over toward the east and catch the suns first orange glimmer
Stopping, I sit on a curb, bike laid to the side

A person might think it would take awhile to watch the sun rise
On the contrary, it is rather efficient
The glow of the rounded, perfect fireball begins ascent
The small clouds pale in comparison
But the light of the sun shines on all
So the beams of light steal through the farthest touches of cloud
Just above the sunrise, a few clouds are illumined and silvery
The sun is coming, really and surely
Everything is aglow and each moment brings a new light to a sleepy land

All of Creation awaits this start of day
It will be a sad day if the birds lose their fervor
The suns rise would be so empty
But for now, the sky still welcomes the fading night
The birds all call to the coming day
The moon has waited to say good day to the sun
So when it has risen, I get up and ride along

Now I ride downhill with a nice view of the full moon
A few turns lead to a path behind homes
Up, down and around
Here comes the uphill as I shift gears to make the climb
Courage is not in beginning the upward climb
It is the faith that the top of the mountain will come
Pushing onward, the cold air bites in the shadows of the homes
Oh! To be back in the sunlight again!
Even the light seems to simply warm a little
Just as there appears to be very little chance of making it without walking
The sun breaks through in a very promising streak

Conquering the length of that hill is so invigorating
So incredibly purposeful
As the sun rises just a bit more
I ride out to the street nearby where I had watched the sunrise
As I turn toward home
I decide to turn back around for one more look
The all encompassing burst of light is so constant as it beckons
A little longer in the beauty and the warmth and then back home

I have been so consumed with the sunrise
I did not notice the cold on my skin
Nor the stiffness in my muscles and hands
As I approach the house, I think to myself
If anyone ever first learned to love
To laugh, smile, dream or pray
It was when they first welcomed the sun
In their heart and soul

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Totally Random

So, I have seen the new movie, "Babies", it was a Mother's day outing with Katherine and it was just great. If we didn't already know just how much I love babies and want oodles of them, now I am wanting a little African baby. I am just saying that if there are any babies who need a home and someone knows of some sort of inexpensive way to land one in our lives, we would be SO ecstatic! Craziness, I am sure you are all thinking, but I would like to point out that just because adoption can be expensive, doesn't mean that having a baby around is too. Tough we have enough money, babies need love, NOT money and we have an abundance in this house. Jay said that I would have to start saving up, but it may take 20 years to save enough and, by then, any child that small could be my grandchild (not that I care one bit, but you know...) Maybe Sandra Bullock could send a tiny one my way, or Angelina Jolie, for that matter. *SIGHS* Ah well, God's will be done, but I think I will always feel this way...just a little. I have said it before and I will say it again, I would be the house mother of an orphanage if they even had those anymore, if I could. I just want to love and care for all of the unwanted (by someone else, NOT me, not EVER ME!) children and babies of the world. If I make it to 35 without anymore (bio) kids and not having the stork drop one off on our doorstep, I will surely reassess things, but I just may try to move mountains for another tiny one before I am 40!

Alright, I am done...for now. Hugs and love to everyone and make sure you hug your little loves a little tighter, just for me!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Markedly confusing notions and the peace that resides therein

The expanse within the heart of my soul
Sits in wait
Once, a dormant fellow
Now, impatiently child-like
...But wisely still kept

The stillness captures
Few, but brief
Quick, like breath
Moments of solemn peace and love
Stillness and sweet peace

Stillness is where the beginning
Does not end
Nor the end, begin
The mind cannot comprehend
Yet the expanse is filled without effort

It will seem, at times, to be both
Eternally flowing within and without

The broad and gaping chasm lies
Looking as if to expect, but ever lying in wait

Perhaps what is not seen is simply
A fullness
A breadth
Of undiscovered Truth
An overlooked piece that has always been

What looks as if to be an open gap
A hole
A ditch
A barren land of naught
Is, in truth, to be the blessing and the stillness

Perhaps, the complementary partner
The black
The white
A balance which defies reason, yet forms a great foundation

As I sit to think, to wonder in awe
A struggle
A calm
Both approach and attempt to explain

There are no words for this stillness which creates
But it is full
it is rest

As if to be a breeze, or water washing over smooth stone
A tranquility comes
To quiet
To comfort
To bring our hearts into the same oneness that flows

There we confront the whole where we have broken ourselves free
Or so we thought
But we wish to rejoin
We yearn for what we know of the piece that we have taken
When the inner voice calls us to unity and truth

It is knock, knock
At the door of
My heart
My soul
It will only be silenced by the submission of myself

Submission and acceptance of the greater We
The lesser me
The all
Alpha and Omega
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit