Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 3

Well, this is day 3 out of 4 of working out and it was nice. I think I finally got a groove back. I went further on foot than cycling today, which is opposite day 2. I ran a little faster and a smidge farther each time I bumped up the treadmill for a jog, not trying to push myself too much, but just enough to work out the kinks. I have to keep in mind that saturdays, when they first open is probably the best time on a weekend, otherwise it's busy! I got there just after 7, so I was good, but it does fill up with a lot of people on a saturday morning!

I try to workout a total of an hour each time I go. Between cycling, treadmill and conditioning equipment and stretching, I fill that hour fairly easily. I think I like my new routine of starting with a cycling warm-up, treadmill for 20-30 mins. and then cool down with some stretches and conditioning while all the muscles are warm. We shall see how it evolves. I have yet to drop in on a class and I am not sure if I will any time soon, but you never know!

Well, that is day 3, now I am going to go shower and make some pancakes and maybe some sausage, but that depends on the family.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hop Skip and Jump

Well, I am thinking about starting a new blog that follows my workout schedule and keeps track of what I do during those times. I have gotten a monthly membership to the gym and hope to go quite often and also use my bicycle for errands when the weather permits and run also. The membership makes it so I can't complain about the wind, rain, sleet, snow, heat, hills, or any other junk and have to just do it!

I really like to ride my road bike, but it isn't always the easiest thing to get together in some weather, plus, if Kat wakes up in the morning when I am going she will want to go, which is great, but then I go from road bike escapade to family bike wander, two very different rides. I do like to walk and, now, run outside, but the treadmill will help me go as far as I think I can without having to make sure I am not too far, or close, from home when I wanna be home. The strength training equipment is going to help keep me aligned in my back and joints and offer some conditioning.

For those of you who know me, I am kinda little, which gets tiresome to hear about, so for those of you who like to poke at me, I hope to gain some weight via muscle mass, this is my goal, even if it is only five pounds. :o) I do love you all and I mean it.

I would like to encourage anyone who wants to get their feet moving to get out there and give it a go. I had to make myself go today and it was totally worth, it usually is, but I've got to keep moving! Ok, that's it for me right now, I am off to make some dinner!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Piece of my Heart

It was he who taught me to be quiet and gentle whenever possible
It was she who gave a smile and made motherhood desirable
He has been steady and calm
While her ship sails this sea of life
He has conveyed a heartfelt generosity which words cannot express
Her unnoticed tasks perpetually kept us well, though our gratitude was elusive
His demeanor can soften the most callous
Her determination is admirable
His struggles lay thick upon each day, though they won't quite slip away
She stays the course most excellent, without a thought to herself

Pictures in my mind of what it is to be Christian
They showed me more than they may ever know
I only hope to pass so much to mine
They took me to church and prayed for my little soul
They have been selfless, loving, kind and genuine
They are tireless, perseverant, generous and devoted
They live in symbiosis, which gives hope to our lives
They have fallen and, together, have regained the path

I love them separately, but it is together where their meaning lies
One without the other does not make sense
Their lives entwined, their souls cannot unwind
Peace and love to them both
For what they give, surely they will receive
Many blessing in their lives throughout the rest of their days
I would not have this wholeness, if not for theirs

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cross of St Brigid Project

Monday was the feast of St. Brigid of Kildare (feb 1/14), so Kat and I made crosses. I made some St. Brigid's crosses, per internet instruction, and she made her own version. We used pipe cleaner and I think they came out well.

Troparion – Tone 1

O holy Brigid, you became sublime through your humility,
and flew on the wings of your longing for God.
When you arrived in the eternal City and appeared before your Divine Spouse, wearing the crown of virginity, you kept your promise
to remember those who have recourse to you.
You shower grace upon the world, and multiply miracles.
Intercede with Christ our God that He may save our souls.

Kontakion – Tone 4

The holy virgin Brigid full of divine wisdom,
went with joy along the way of evangelical childhood,
and with the grace of God attained in this way the summit of virtue.
She now bestows blessings upon those who come to her with faith.
O holy Virgin, intercede with Christ our God
that He may have mercy on our souls.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nebulous Clarity

A swirling, weighty fog descends
The air becomes thick and damp
Darkness is visible, though quiet
A pungent and looming lull creeps in
Calling to those who will hear

A solitude comes nearer
It settles in my chest
It lingers in my senses
It permeates my core
Asking me to follow

Dreamily, I walk on
Weary and unsettled
Where hope and sorrow mingle
Thoughts trudge through an empty head
And feelings glide through a pieced heart

It is not discomfort or sadness
Really pensiveness prevails
There is no struggle
Though it is not absent
Rather, it is shadowing every move

Surreal, yet more real
Where silence meets the beating of the heart
When the smallest flicker illumines each facet
And the constant drawing toward purpose reigns
A perpetual balance outweighs all reason

Saturation continues to envelope
Beckoning to all who will come
With whispers sailing on the breeze
In stillness, it will find you
Like a butterfly, softly lit upon one's fingertip

A swiftness of calm air
Sinks in between the fog
Recalling all the days
Though leaving them behind
Giving way to peace and settlement