Saturday, May 31, 2014

Changes in Time

Sometimes a feeling has to begin without

To strike the chords within
The daydream where I walk is paved in memories
Bittersweetness of life 
My feet do not touch the ground 
Though the weight within my heart seeks 
To sink me... 
I have this body
But the disconnect that separates 
These thoughts
This heart 
Are worlds apart
Dragging on with diligence and devotion 
Into a sea of magnitude
I feel driven to empty the contents within
Yet so withdrawn 
I cannot even fathom the distance between 
A calmness soothes 
The noises surround fuse
Becoming a sweet bite of life 
Walking ever closer
Always nearer

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Love You, Dad

The evening light 
Of starlit night
Waits quietly in awe
To put to bed 
The restless head
Of those who fret and toil
Stand fast and near
My love, my dear
This shall also pass
As waves of sea
Depart from me
So, too, will you in time
Change of tides
Love still abides
Always keeping us together.