Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Love

For some odd reason, I have always liked to feel both the love and the heartache...perhaps it is because without one, you cannot really have the other. Lately things have been topsy turvy to say the very least. Life is such a mix of things and most of them involve tears, whether or not happy . Most of the tears are from human connection, between one another and others. It is increasingly hard to describe the incredible wells of emotion that have managed their way into my life in the past weeks of summer. Summer used to be a time of break, one of the most noticeable changes of season...It is sort of like being pulled in 2 separate ways all at once. For love, for life...I am a muddle of things and somehow they work and I do not go completely insane, quite possibly on account of my husband, my perfect match of a husband. I love to look at him and feel as if I belong, that, no matter how close to the edge I may come, he will call me back with something as simple as a smile, a look, a touch. He is love. He is my helpmeet. He is something more than I could imagine or dream. After nearly 6 years of marriage, we have been through immense amounts of struggle and joy, sometimes joyful struggle...all of which offers itself to longevity. We will make it through, with God's help, anything that is shown our way. I refuse to sit idly by and let our lives engulf us without so much as a sound. We may be at the bottom of the hill...and sometimes the hill cannot seem anything less than that, a mountainous, looming mound of uphill battle and struggle, but it will not always be so. Through our years of challenges and love, we have gotten to exercise our marital strengths in many ways, they lend to help us now. We will stumble, we will fall...we will take each others hand and continue to forage. There will never be someone for me so perfect and loving, I am grateful every day. I know he will forever be, by my side, undoubtedly and unwaveringly...I have a man and marriage of what books are written and we are just getting started...