Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Thought

I guess I haven't written in awhile, but I have not had too much to say. I come up with half-hatched ideas and they all sound good in my brain when I am in the shower, or driving...Oh well, must not have been too important, right? But it was, or they seemed to be. I s'pose it is better to be on a destination to somewhere and have little to say, than to have nowhere in particular to venture and have too much to say. "They" say that silence is golden, who are "they"? I don't know, does that really matter when it is true? I think I can understand sometimes why people might choose a "vow of silence", but with a 3 y.o. that would be a bit of a stretch. I don't think I would want to be quiet all of the time, I just want to learn to hold my tongue at the proper moments as not to offend anyone or anything else. No one teaches that these days, when it is proper not to talk and when we ought. I want to bring back charm school, I think those values are sadly lost! I am sure they have them still, but they are lesser known and probably set for today's lifestyle. Sometimes I just want to live in another century, or just another decade, because even with the lack of medical advancements we would be busy enough to have a better focus on life in general. When we are physically exhausted from lots of tiring work we don't have time to think about what our neighbor is doind and why we can't have this or that like everyone else. Life doesn't change, only circumstance. I think it to be very true, people for thousands of years haven't changed, just technology and capability. There have always been people falling in love, going to war, lying, cheating, stealing, working, having babies, being political, what is so different about now? If science is right about evolution, why haven't we evolved out of our human nature? I will tell you why, science isn't right! It is our fallen nature from Adam and Eve that gives us such predictable qualities. What will happen 100 years from now? You don't have to be psychic to know that someone in the world will be at war (unless the anti-christ brings the peace), people everywhere will be looking for answers, there will be love, hunger, envy, hate, new life, death, "justice" and injustice, happiness, sadness and so on down the list. Why? Because an entire race of humans aren't going to change. I am not pesimistic, more like realistic. All I know is that it matters what I do with this life, who I am and what I believe ARE relevant. Our free will allows us to choose how we will live our lives but our fallen nature keeps us bound in these shackles from which we try to escape. Totally pointless without God. Not everyone agrees, but that's not unusual.
Well, so much for not having anything to say. That is enough ranting for now, sorry for the blathering. Talk to you soon, Xen


Brigitte said...

Some would say that human nature does evolve. The collective "life experience" of mankind allows us to gain a fuller understanding of science, philosophy, God/religion, ect. Human nature is ever moving forward like time.

But I agree with you, not them.