Saturday, April 14, 2007

Child's Wisdom

On the eve of Pascha (Passover, from eternal death to eternal life, aka easter) we get ready to attend our midnight and all-night service at church. While getting ready for our glorious event, Daddy and Katherine are watching the Ten Commandments. You know, the one that is on every year since forever. Anyway, she is learning a little bit about things from Daddy and at one point she says to me, "Mommy, I'm afraid."
I ask, "What makes you afraid?"
"I'm afraid of God."
You know you can tell in your child's voice when they are truly scared and I didn't hear it in her's so I let it ride and asked, "Why?"
"He's everywhere... in the sky, in the moon, in the Christ of God, in the Church, in our heart of love of God, in the love in the heart and love of you and me."
It doesn't get much truer than that!


Petronia said...

I never commented on this...but I love this story. I can hear her saying it.

Marfa said...

Amazing. Children make wonderful observations, don't they? I still feel like a child at heart, but often miss things that my children pick up.