Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Swap Package

Ok, so here goes...I got my swap items from Susan Sophia just the other day. This is my attempt at posting them so everyone can share in the goodies. I received AAA travel books and detailed travel guide of my trip from Aurora, Colorado all the way to St Brigid's farm in washington (her house) with a few stops at monasteries on the way. There were sunflower seeds, gum and refreshing beverage, what every road trip needs. There was a little magna doodle for Katherine, a shirt of St Brigid's Farm, a story by one of her daughter's about their farm, brochures for monasteries and a lovely framed picture of St Anthony's at sunset. WOW!!!

Look at all my loot =) Thanks Susan Sophia!!! The whole family enjoyed opening it with me, Katherine could hardly wait while I took pictures and arranged it =) This was pretty fun, let's do it again sometime...and who knows, I just may have to use my itinerary to get there one of these days =)
Here is Susan Sophia's blog if anyone is interested =) : You may have to copy and paste, I am not so computer savvy to be able to stick it in there :)
Thanks again!


Martha said...

She made up a lovely travel package!!! So, do you think you'll be headed that way any time soon?

Happy 4th of July!!!

Brigitte said...

What a great package!

Martha said...

Did you watch Foyle's War on PBS Sunday evening? It was great.