Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Question, My Love

Katherine asked me yesterday, "Why do people only sometimes follow God?"
Good question, my love.
I had to give it a bit of thought, I did ask her context, but that is really irrelevant since the question holds true in any light and makes sense regardless. I am not very good at 'on-the-spot' questions usually, anything worthwhile is but for the grace of God and so out of my jumbled, somewhat stunned brain, I pulled this out...something to the effect of how just because we know something is right, does not mean we always do it. Sometimes we don't know, or understand, what is the entirety of Truth and so go against it unknowingly. I also described freewill, God gave us the choice and hopes that we use it wisely. She keeps coming up with doozies and I hope and pray that God gives me enough wisdom and Grace to answer them worthy of Him.
God help us all!