Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Most Recent Jay News

Settling into December...
We have recently been given guidelines for better caring for Jay's health along with the recent bits of additions from the 'new' neurologist. They are as follows:
1. His nutrition is on track and super strict with absolute need to stay on schedule for all his supplements and protein, etc, and we have to remember that he is very ill.

2. In light of being very ill, he is not allowed to 'go out' on crummy feeling days and ONLY up to 45 minutes on his good days. We are allowed to have friends and family come over at any time that we would like, but leaving the house is to much stimulus and needs to be cut back. Friends/family can come get us/him for small outings, but they need to be kept short. (Something that WE need to remember also...)

3. We will be able to make church trips as often as his health allows, it is a bit longer than the allotted outings, but necessary for his overall well-being.

4. Proper rest is crucial to keep his improvement coming as well as keeping headaches away.

Sorry to be such a bummer, but this month and more are going to be the most important. His next appointments are right after Nativity, Jan 7 N.S. (Dec 25 O.S.) and we will have an update as to how things are going. Until then, we have to stick with it =)
Well, that about covers it for now, love to everyone! Thanks for all the love, prayers and support!


Petronia said...

Looks like will definitely need to keep up on the coffee dates this month! :) It sounds like you got some answers, and I'm so glad for you guys in that regard. A's been asking and asking, and I guess I've been waiting until I see you to hear all about it.

h west said...

um. . .wait a minute. . .wait a minute. i know i'm not blogging but this is an emergency. i don't think i can comply with this 45 minute prescription thing. we'll have to re-think this. . .45 minutes with jay and we're barely getting started.

Marfa said...

I hope he's doing okay. When my husband was ordered to rest, back problems, it ended up being 3 months, he was going stir-crazy. I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers.