Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks be to God

Thank You, oh my God
For all things
Great and small
Known and unknown
Those deserved and also for that which I am not worthy

Thank You, for the smallest things
Awaking every day
A family who is loving
A life that is more of a dream
A love that is ever-growing and transforming

Thank You, for all of this
The broken and the whole
The warmth and the cold
The struggles and the blessings
And the opportunity to know You more in every breath

Thank You, for the food we eat
The things we find most needful
The things to which we are bound
The wisdom to begin discerning
A piece of You wherein to enter eternity here in this world

Thank You, I cannot express enough
My words would be swallowed by the sound of my voice
My heart would be lost without Your Holy Will
My eyes cannot behold what I will not see
Alas, I must find contentment and solace from You alone

Thank You, for that which I call a blessing
But thank You incredibly, for that which is a blessing in disguise

Thank You, for every waking hour that I find You
But thank You sincerely, for always keeping Your hours with me, even when I do not seek Your face

Thank You, for being, wherein I can work out my salvation
But thank You deeply, for Your grace which animates more in my life than I am able to perceive

Thank You, oh my God, may all Glory and Honor be Yours, throughout all ages, Amen.