Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beauty Within The Faith

I was just listening to an Arabic Christmas Carol online and it me got to thinking a little bit about the Orthodox Christian faith. I rather like listening to different tongues praising God in the Orthodox tradition, it is comforting in such a way as may not be quite explainable. That there are several languages of the Church that cover a vast portion of the globe, goes to show that God hears all voices, in every land, regardless of speech. It shows that God comes to all who embrace Him, no matter what. It also makes me think about how, though the language itself is not a common form, but that it adds a richness and fullness to the Faith that may not otherwise be present. They are the same prayers, many times, from the hearts of people who are the same on the inside. What an eerie magnificence is represented in all the words of the people who love Him, from every land, it is He who unifies us, not our mother tongue. Glory to God for all things! What a blessing for us to have so many melodies, due to cultural differences. What sheer beauty for us to be able to share these wonderful differences, just as we share all of those things that keep our faith drawing from antiquity.