Thursday, October 4, 2012

School, Life, and Our Mountainside

So, we got Kat a real workbook for schooling. *GASP* This does not mean we are abandoning our unschooling approach to pretty much everything and she was a bit less than enthused, but at least it is Brain Quest with all kinds of pictures and bright colors. We do not ask that she do any of it consecutively, just that she find a few pages to work on each day. She is now more on board and is happy to see what she has finished bits and pieces, though it has only been a week. Miss Anna will be working with her on reading and language arts, which is half of the book, along with whatever curriculum Anna deems worthy to be taught, since she is a former language arts teacher.

Get this. Kat...likes...math! WOOT! She likes math like her mama and I am redicovering my own love for it as we work with angles and numbers. She is a lot like her papa in a great many ways, particularly with intereset in school subjects, but this is one we can relate to and do together. I was actually late leaving the house today because I got sucked into doing math with her.

Ok, I think I am finished with that bit...for now. Though we have not had any rain yet this season, which is rather unusual, the air has begun to change, while the plants and the earth make the push to sleep the winter away. I no longer feel the heat pressing in to drive us further into preparation of the upcoming winter, but even the trees and creatures have made it well-known that it is time to slow and what is done settles, but what has yet to be done, may wait another day. We are not amidst the autumn foliage just yet, but the transformation has set in and we will move with the tides of the mountainside.

I sit at coffee and think of the knitting to be done, all the while having two projects sitting next to me in a bag, awaiting my reimmersion. It will come in time. I realize that the cold, wet months to come will offer a great deal of time to knit away, but my thoughts turn to getting nestled into our little hobbit-esque house to seek solace and perhaps stumble upon peace.

Who knows how much I will be on here, but I will try to update things as it is presented to us. Much love to all!


Unknown said...

So glad Kat likes math. If presented in the right way, most kids will love it.

Unschooling takes many forms. We use books. :)

Best wishes this school year.

Jackie, who is semi unschooling her daughter all the way to college.
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Martha said...

I have always loved math. My girls do not, but are very good at it. Right now they are both working with mixed fractions, adding and subtracting, even multiplying! I keep telling them, if you don't understand it, then draw a picture!!! We usually draw pies, cut into slices to help us visually.