Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a Little Post

Well, to start, we had a lovely service of forgiveness at church on sunday evening, which was accompanied by Jay having a seizing fit. Not quite a seizure, but he was seizing up and could not control the right side of his body, so was twitching and could not hold his own weight. This isn't the first time, as this is a regular reaction for his body to food he shouldn't eat, though it hasn't happened so severely in quite some time, months even. I helped him in at the end of the vespers and he made it through. Fr. Andreas gave him some Holy Water, which helped calm the nerves, but he stopped twitching completely after Fr. said a short prayer of anointing.

Next day, he was weak and tired, though in delightful spirits. He rested according to his need and today has been nearly back to himself. It occurred to me that, while this is not something new for us to experience, it was wholly new for our new church family to see. Everyone was so kind and helpful, doing all they could to understand and put him at his ease. Glory to God for all things!

In other news, a week from tomorrow will be my 35th birthday. My birthday always falls during Lent, no matter how early or late it falls. This year, with Pascha so late, we will (gratefully) get through clean week before Annunciation (n.s.) and then my birthday. What a week that will be! Kat and Jay are conspiring about what they will make me and I am excited to see what they figure out.

Hmm, a little mish-mash, but that is it for now. For those of you on this Lenten journey, may it be prosperous and fruitful. Peace be unto you!


elizabeth said...

glad Jay got better quickly! this is never easy. Blessed and beautiful lent to you! so good to hear from you! We are just over 1 year, 4 months apart! that's kind of cool :) Happy Almost-Birthday! :)

Martha said...

we had a wonderful forgiveness vespers here in Cincinnati, too ♥ I will keep Jay in my prayers. It sounds like my dad when his Parkinson's disease symptoms are at their worst.
hope you have a wonderful 35th birthday, I am 35 right now and feel like this year has been monumental, so much gray hair, but a satisfied feeling with who I will be as I age...