Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Few Thoughts

It was a very silly girlish fancy I entertained about life and love when I married. So young and without hindrance, I walked easily into his arms, more truly into his eyes and that smile. I will never forget when he winked at me during the service, I think he thought me beautiful, and also to be wildly insane to be marrying him, but also believed himself to be the fortunate one. He would tell you he is, to this very day, that he is the one who got the prize. That is how I know I married for all the right reasons, through all things in every day, he still thinks I deserve the best of everything, no matter cost or attainability, and he would go to great lengths to be sure I have it, if he is able. As I recently told a store clerk, "I think I am a hard person to buy gifts for because I am a well-kept woman; my husband makes sure I want for nothing."

After nearly 13 years of knowing one another, 11+ being married, it never ceases to amaze me how much we still learn about one another, both on small and grand scales. It can be simple things, but it all adds up, making the picture of life, love, and time together that much more vibrant and rich. For instance, I may be imagining this and he is welcome to correct me if I am wrong, though he is rather gentle in that area, as well. I do believe that he married me because I challenge him, but not in a usual sense of the term. I challenge his intellect, his thoughts, his basic fiber of being. I challenge him to come out of himself, to show the world what I get to see, because it is worth sharing. I challenge his heart to love fuller and more completely, without thought for himself. I challenge him and require many of his senses in order to engage in this adventure.

It is not my intent to paint myself the victor here, but to illustrate my newest understanding and, personally, I honestly know that I would not be where I am without his ardent love and affection, no matter how subdued or disguised.  All of what I said above can be said of him for me, as well. He challenges me in all those very same ways, though likely to a greater degree as necessary, since I am a fickle, stubborn, and oblivious mess of a girl. His lifes lesson of patience is to simply be married to me, though we are matched quite well. If he is a rock, I am water flowing over it. If he is a tree, I am the wind and the rain blowing through his branches, the birds lit upon his branches.

We have been through ever so much together in these seemingly short years, I do hope to enjoy more lessons and adventures on this crazy journey, in whatever form they come, because I know that he will be at my side, no matter what, through it all. Yep, that's my man; he thinks he hit the jackpot and I doubt I will ever convince him that I think the real winner is me. 


elizabeth said...

I am glad for you.