Saturday, August 8, 2015


I have come to realize in these passing days since the loss of my dad, I have been the most undone and more completely myself I have ever been, though I haven't yet risen from the ashes just yet...

There seem to be more grounding experiences in the process of grief, than those that seem uplifting, considering the lack of high points as were previously known, but it's been a solid and purpose-filled journey, not matter the heartache. I have been at the lowest within myself I have ever delved and also the most honest. I have given up and taken that next step...

This is what fuels our lives, this amazing love and connection we have with those around us. We can't always choose with whom we will connect, only God knows who that will be. We cannot even fathom the depth of our connections when we are bound in this flesh.

I am drawn to the rugged piece of humanness that offers a reality only love and loss can provide, for it has more truth in this life than all words and confrontation. I believe in a life that is both tethered and free, immense and measurable, but so drastically beyond all that we can comprehend, imagine, and absorb.