Friday, June 15, 2007

My little June bug

(I call her my little June bug because it is june and I call her bug a lot.) We went out to the patio this afternoon and sat to watch the birds at our feeder while Katherine ate fresh strawberries by the dripping mouthful. I asked her if she would like to sit and talk with me in the shade and she agreed. I asked her if there was anything that she would like to talk about and she said yes. I asked, "What would that be?"
"Mommy," she said, "I want you to talk about the Archbishop coming."
"Oh," I said, "Sure. He will be here tomorrow and mommy is making cake. I am making a very special cake that will be vanilla with vanilla creamy frosting and fresh strawberries all over the top."
"Yummy," said the June bug. "Does the Archbishop like raspberries, too."
"I think he does, Father Boris told mommy that he likes fruit and strawberries for sure, that is why we got the strawberries," I tell her, "We can add some raspberries if you would like."
She agreed.
"So, Vladika will be here."
"Yes," I said, "It is very special for us to have him."
"Mommy, where does the Archbishop live?"
"He lives in San Francisco, in California."
"Where does Val- Val-..."
"Vladika?" I coaxed.
"Yeah, Vladika. Mommy, where does Vladika live?"
"Vladika is the Archbishop." I go on, "You know how we call Father at church, Father Boris, but his job is to be the priest. So we call him Vladika, Vladika Kyrill, but his job is to be the Archbishop. Does that make sense?"
"Uh huh." she replied.

Oh how I love the logic of a child. What the world would be like if we had a bit more of it!


Petronia said...

It's true. "Kids say the darndest things" but, actually, they usually make a lot of sense logically, given the information they have. Anyway Katherine is one smart cookie. You do a great job explaining things. I'm sure that soon I'll be asking you..."so how did you explain this to Katherine?"