Monday, January 21, 2008


When I was small, love was what she gave me
Love was something that came and never went
No matter what I did, she would always love me
Nights of popcorn and movies
Kisses and hugs, all kinds of love

I got a little older and I started to grow
Harder and without heed
Her love would never leave me, but I would run from it
Love became a broken heart
In a young girl grateful for the lesson
Aching from the breaking

I grew further along the path of myself
As far as I could get to being me
Where would I end up
Love became a sort of carefree thing
Love all, forget the rest

People came, people went
I stayed with me
Not much else to do
Just live

He came along and wanted me
He walked up with a heart in his eyes
The same broken light in my own
Together we became whole
So much love
To have
To learn
To give

We had a baby girl
Who knew the love I could have inside
Like my heart was outside of me
Love was a new place

We have grown together
We have cried together
We have loved together
Love is a great place

Now I have been a mom for awhile
I look in the mirror
I see her there
For all she has given me
The love that never left and kept me through the years
I am a compilation of years of women
Generations moved by love
I am her
I am her mother
I am more than me

I understand her now
I am her now
I love her more than ever
Love is something I have

She can never leave me
Nothing can ever part us
We are the same

She is the love I have to give
The love that lives here
The love that grows

She is the arms I have to hold
My own heart and Hers
My little girl asleep

She is the eyes I use to see
The love, the life, the world
What I have, who I am

She never knew what she had to give
She is my mother
She is my sister
She is my daughter
She is me


Martha said... explained it so well. My parents gave me so much love, but I rebelled. Then, married, became a mom and NOW understand the love of my parents, because I am a parent.

I'm looking forward to the needlework swap. I'm making mug cozies!