Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wish everyone could have a bus and lightrail to ride

So, lately Katherine and I have been public transportationists. We have been riding our local bus and light rail to get to those needed places around town. I will have to admit that, once you get the hang of it, it is actually really good. We have been using a bus/light rail pass for almost 2 months...the first month was a trial run and then this past month, Jay has put up his keys to the truck and has been riding his bike and driving the van to work. It has taken a little to get us in the swing of things, but we are in full swing now! Katherine really enjoys it and it is nice to not have to drive everywhere. I must say, things are pretty good.
It is an adventure every time, for example, Katherine and I went to get the van from Jay to pick up the girls for the sleep over on friday. Things were pretty normal, as we were arriving at our bus stop the rain started coming and the wind made it sideways. So Katherine hid in my skirt until the bus got there a couple minutes later and we jumped into warmth. Heather called me to see if they could come get us, so I explained we would be getting the van and, not to worry, we made it onto the bus without getting totally soaked. We made it to Centerpoint station (main transfer point) and immediately jumped onto our 130 bus that goes by Jay's work, something we have done a number of times already. The bus pulls out a minute later and we turn right instead of right, huh?!? I thought maybe we were picking up those on the loop and would pull back through and go our right way. When we passed out turn, I really started to wonder what was up. I overheard the driver telling another passenger that it was not a 'thru' line to the end destination. OOPS! Well, we had not passed Chambers yet, so as soon as we got to the intersection at Chambers and Alameda, we jumped ship and crossed over. We went down to the stop for the 153 that also stops by Jays work, but we have never taken and I had no clue if had just missed it! So we wait. Katherine starts weaving around like any 4 year old in the grass next to the stop, well, not much of a stop, it was a pole. I gave her a snack hoping it would slow her down and waited some more...this is when minutes feel like hours when you are trying to be somewhere at a certain time. I decided to call Jay and, of course, when he picked up, I saw the good ol' 153 rounding our corner right toward us and I told Jay we would be right there. WHEW! Disaster avoided! =) Adventure, nonetheless. Sort of fun craziness. In any case, it makes things exciting.
I s'pose I will write more later about our adventures in bus/rail land. Bye for now!


Petronia said...

I've had a similar adventure...except it was in RU and apparently the #4 can turn into #8 without notice.

Glad you guys are getting into it :)

Xen Xen said...

LOL, that is funny! At least the light rail drills it into you which line you are on and where it is taking you =)

h west said...

Ooooooooooo. . .love the new template. Blue is my favorite color, you know. I'm sure you changed this just for me. As for the bus ride. . .my weeds are still here. . .