Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music for thought

Although the only traveling we did out of the country was when my grandma took us to France, my parents gave us the world. I was listening to the music I have chosen on my playlist and I thought to myself about how, in spite of our lack of funds, we still were able to have the entire world of culture through their influence. Through music and art, I have been to Africa, Spain, China, Australia, India, even the 1920s and how many people do you know that get to time travel? SOOO, many places! Through church, I practically go to Russia every week =) and have since I was a small child. So, thanks mom and dad, for keeping an open door to our cultural education that never could have happened inside the walls of any institution no matter how diverse. All of these things are a dear to my heart and I feel at home every time they are near. If me and my little family never make it out of the country together, I will be happy to say that we will still have the world at our fingertips!


Marfa said...

great way to look at things....I'm thinking about all the ethnic foods I love and, close my eyes and think of where I am!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post. I love to think that through our musical experiences we get to be a part of something that others can only dream of.

Be it classical, chant, country, we get to experience the moods and emotions of the artist. (Although you can only loose your dog, your trailer and your truck so many times before you gotta move on.. LOL! I kid! I kid!)

Music truly is the greatest form of expression and when it comes to things lie chat, I agree with (I think it was Blessed Augustine, who said,) "He who sings prays twice."