Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Pic-uh-nic

I was busy doing laundry and dishes and things when I told Katherine we should start thinking about lunch when I have a quick minute. To which she supplied this answer, "I will go get a bunch of veggies out and make a sandwich and we can have a pic-uh-nic!!!" Well, that settled it! No matter my attempt to get her to stay in with me and have broccoli with noodles together. Eh, I do not mind really, just the to-do about getting the picnic set up and broken down and such.

When I was just finishing up my jobs I noticed Katherine up at the counter, on her stool getting into the bread box. (Yes, we have an actual bread box!) =) In any case, she got out 2 slices each for us, mind you, this is the girl who does not really eat sandwiches, especially not if there is a chance it may fall apart on her. It is Rudi's bread (on sale right now) so not only did she choose a whole sandwich for herself, they are like time and a half the size of regular bread. Ok, enough ramblings...she got out the vegenaise(non-egg mayo) and proceeded spread her bread with much intent. She grabbed a handful of the lettuce I had pulled out and slapped it on, next came the tomato and then there was something missing! Carrots! She had to have carrots on her veggie sandwich! She got out her 'knife' (lettuce knife, plastic with jagged edges) found herself with the last carrot and washed it. She chopped that carrot into small circular pieces that were amazingly straight and fairly uniform in size. She topped it off with her other slice of bread and then offered to make my sandwich! Keep in mind that, as some of you know, I have a sensitivity to carrots and there would be no way I could finish her sandwich at any time. That said, I was a little suspicious of her large sandwich, especially after such a huge breakfast of steel cut oats! I ended up making my sandwich while Katherine took Gracie out for a quick potty break.

We grabbed an old sheet and I tossed it on the grass out front. Katherine brought out the lunch box she had packed up just so with our spectacular meal as well as the plates she picked for us. She blessed our food in her own sweet way and we dug in. Boy did that girl eat! She ate that sandwich like a pro! We sat and chatted about nothing in particular as we finished up.

Needless to say, I was impressed with her ability to decide, make and eat that lunch. More than anything, I loved our time together and I love being her assistant in the kitchen as I watch her grow into a self-sufficient girl. She is not yet 5 and she already does so much around here, when she really sets herself to it. Well, that is my little story for now, I just love the little girl with a big laugh and stomach ;-) more than she knows!