Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike Riding Baby Girl!

Well, after Rowyn and Iona's birthday, Katherine was determined to ride a 2 wheel bike. She already had it down, she was only lacking confidence. Next day, we went to the thrift shop and picked up a tiny bike (like Rowyn's) for under $5 and brought it home for the once over Daddy inspection. Next day after that, we took the dog on our morning walk and Katherine brought her bike. She nearly had it, was riding all by herself, just needed a little more practice. Then, the day after (wed) she was riding away and leaving us in the dust. She has spent nearly every day on her tiny bike and we had made a deal with her early on about the bike situation, sort of incentive to get her riding a 2 wheeler (but nothing says incentive like one of your best friends doing something you don't!!!) Anyway, she rode on her other, bigger bike a little, but went back to the tiny one.

The other day we were on an errand and we decided to pull in to the bike shop to whet her little appetite for a little nudge (can you tell, I am almost more excited than she is at this point?) So, on our way in we noticed a little bike on the 'used' rack. They have a trade in for bikes purchased there to upgrade into the next size up (that is my understanding) and we wandered a bit. She was definitely stimulated and said she would like to try this little bike out front. Not too big, not too small. Well, that was it, she didn't want anything else and agreed that this was the bike for her. We asked Daddy for his 'final word' and went about the business of picking out a shiny new bell and a tiny rear flicker light, yay! So, here it is, and the girl who rides daily:

(Papa added the basket from her other bike, nice touch!)


srbmama said...

Oh, she's really getting big. I was a late bloomer on the bike, and it looks like our kids are as well. I really need to work with them. So glad to read you're all well. We need to get together so I can check out your patio planter. I have been really busy, school is kicking my behind.

Take care.

Your Sister in Christ,

YukieOkami said...

She is adorable. Miss seeing you guys. Hopefully I will be visiting soon and Rhett can bring his bike along.