Monday, June 1, 2009

Grab Bag

I have been wanting to blog lately but haven't been around or had anything in my brain that was trying to seep out into the bloggo-sphere. Anyway, I thought that maybe I would just update on what has been going on around these parts. Here goes!

Jay's health has been improving, he is by no means well yet, but is certainly on the way inn that direction. Still, there are 'good' days and 'bad' days, the good days are great and the bad days are still pretty low, he just gets wiped out. It takes a lot of energy being ill and what little energy he has in the first place is zapped away for the day, sometimes more than one day at a time, if we include recovery. If we look on the bright side, we are miles from where we were months ago, even just weeks ago, so for that, we are grateful.

Katherine is getting SO big anymore, all she wants to do is swim, eat watermelon and grapes, and go on bike rides. Can't say that I blame her. She is becoming quite a little girl, so very animated and deliberate in herself. Tonight there was a thunderstorm and when it is bedtime, the thunderstorms get to be distracting with a bit of uneasy excitement. She ended up in our bed and I laid down with her and turned off the light. We cuddled and talked while the lightening would flash and we'd count until the thunder would come rolling in. I kept thinking to myself how big she is and how I will miss this when she is bigger, but I have it now...

I went to home depot, finally, and got the material to make a large, two-tiered planter for the patio. Went by the garden place and got some good dirt to fill it all up. It is hard to describe, but growing things is far more than just for food or something pretty, there is something there in the co-creation of a living thing. We have LOTS of things in different places planted and we are just waiting for them to pop out and say hello. I am particularly interested in the basil, we planted two different kinds, a flat-leaf italian one (I think) and a greek mini bush basil. MMMMmmm, basil! Katherine is old enough now that she may get the concept to not eat all the herbs before we can make something with them...but even if not, at least she is enjoying the little patio garden. In the newly built planter we gave her a small section to plant her own carrots. She chose the 'carnival' blend and so they are supposed to be different colors of the rainbow. I will never forget when she had a carrot that was purple (I think, or so purple it looked black) and she said, with a hint of disappointment, "It just tastes like a regular carrot!" I hope her crop is bountiful, it is a good experience for her. When we have pictures, I will try to remember to post them.

I am feeling industrious lately, trying to get a good handle on things around these parts. The nice weather helps because I try to set times to get things done and then go enjoy the rest of the day with the little family. While I am more industrious in those areas, I have been particularly unmotivated in the knitting arena...I need a project that has a deadline, I think. So many things to knit, but nowhere to start...or something like that. Maybe I will think of something to make for Jay for his birthday, that gives me a month, just over. Maybe some nice wooly socks for when the weather cools, or for camping or something...hmm, perhaps....

Anyway, I think I ought to be off to bed here soon, Katherine and I might get to go to coffee tomorrow for a long overdue mother's day treat. Maybe we'll ride any case, I am off to bed! Good night to all...'For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11'


Marfa said...

The life of swimming and fresh fruit all day doesn't sound bad at all, under this hot sun! We just got some lovley purple carrots in our CSA share yesterday. Enjoy the summery days!!!

Have a wonderful Pentecost. I'm going to wear my green dress...finally. I sewed it intending to wear it for Pascha, but it was too short. I added on a white border!