Saturday, June 5, 2010

Totally Random

So, I have seen the new movie, "Babies", it was a Mother's day outing with Katherine and it was just great. If we didn't already know just how much I love babies and want oodles of them, now I am wanting a little African baby. I am just saying that if there are any babies who need a home and someone knows of some sort of inexpensive way to land one in our lives, we would be SO ecstatic! Craziness, I am sure you are all thinking, but I would like to point out that just because adoption can be expensive, doesn't mean that having a baby around is too. Tough we have enough money, babies need love, NOT money and we have an abundance in this house. Jay said that I would have to start saving up, but it may take 20 years to save enough and, by then, any child that small could be my grandchild (not that I care one bit, but you know...) Maybe Sandra Bullock could send a tiny one my way, or Angelina Jolie, for that matter. *SIGHS* Ah well, God's will be done, but I think I will always feel this way...just a little. I have said it before and I will say it again, I would be the house mother of an orphanage if they even had those anymore, if I could. I just want to love and care for all of the unwanted (by someone else, NOT me, not EVER ME!) children and babies of the world. If I make it to 35 without anymore (bio) kids and not having the stork drop one off on our doorstep, I will surely reassess things, but I just may try to move mountains for another tiny one before I am 40!

Alright, I am done...for now. Hugs and love to everyone and make sure you hug your little loves a little tighter, just for me!


Martha said...

I know how you feel...sometimes I wish for a baby, too. My mother in law had 5 children of her own, then adopted 11...not one of them was an infant, the youngest 2 when taken in, first as a foster child. Then, she got their siblings, the mother had drug problems. I admire what she has done, but really don't think I have the strength to do what she has done!