Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family, Crafts and Nativity Time

Well, we have had a bit of snow today, which would have been avoided if there wasn't church this morning. I find that we brave nearly all weather, unless the tornado sirens are going, in order to make it there. It is our first real snow of the year, totally in inches with white, fluffy flakes that settle into their powdery home on the earth. Tomorrow I may take a picture, as it is really quite pretty when the snow comes to stay for a bit.

Katherine wore her colonial dress again I made her for Nativity like 'Felicity's' of the American Girls series. It turned out rather well and I am encouraged to make more. Here is the latest picture, Katherine wearing the dress, which I had finished in time for church on Nativity morning.

And here is another:

I surprised her on the day before, because I knew that if I didn't have a chance to work on it during the day, I wouldn't get it done in time and I REALLY wanted her to have it as her Christmas surprise. She LOVES it and that is all a mom can hope. While I was sewing and making this dress, Jay and Kat made cookies to share with friends and have some for the feast. She enjoyed it more than you can imagine and, most certainly, had to sample the goods ;o)

It has been a lovely holiday, full of family, love and church. I can appreciate it more now than ever. Today is the 3rd day of Christmas and we are having a lovely time. The snow is beautiful, no matter how cold, but Jay will stay warm in his sweater that I finished! Yay!

I am off, for now, and will update later to try to keep in the swing of things, but I must say, it is harder than it sounds! Until next time!


Marfa said...

Happy Nativity to you!
Looks like Jay really likes his sweater. That dress is really great, I love the ruffly ends of the sleeves. Hannah loves the American Girl books and dolls...but they're so expensive. Maybe one day? Last year, that's how Olivia looked...missing her two front cute!!!

Marfa said...

We've been borrowing the books from the library, but I meant the dolls are expensive $100 each!!!

Xen Xen said...

We were very fortunate that a friend had a Felicity doll and book set from her childhood that she gave to Katherine for her nameday. Otherwise, it would be pretty hard to get them, though she did save her Christmas money and we matched it so she could get Felicity's horse, Penny. Katherine adores the movie too, but we have only seen Felicity's, so far.

H West said...

Kat looks super cute, but she also looks SUPER HUGE!!!! Zoiks! I can't believe they grow so fast. And Jay's sweater looks fantabulous.