Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nebulous Clarity

A swirling, weighty fog descends
The air becomes thick and damp
Darkness is visible, though quiet
A pungent and looming lull creeps in
Calling to those who will hear

A solitude comes nearer
It settles in my chest
It lingers in my senses
It permeates my core
Asking me to follow

Dreamily, I walk on
Weary and unsettled
Where hope and sorrow mingle
Thoughts trudge through an empty head
And feelings glide through a pieced heart

It is not discomfort or sadness
Really pensiveness prevails
There is no struggle
Though it is not absent
Rather, it is shadowing every move

Surreal, yet more real
Where silence meets the beating of the heart
When the smallest flicker illumines each facet
And the constant drawing toward purpose reigns
A perpetual balance outweighs all reason

Saturation continues to envelope
Beckoning to all who will come
With whispers sailing on the breeze
In stillness, it will find you
Like a butterfly, softly lit upon one's fingertip

A swiftness of calm air
Sinks in between the fog
Recalling all the days
Though leaving them behind
Giving way to peace and settlement