Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Quote Me On It

I found this quote when a friend posted it elsewhere, so I thought it was certainly worthy of repost and here it is: "I do not speak about Christ, unless others want to, unless they ask. I pray for those people, I will even work miracles for them, but I do not speak to them. I want their soul to open up and to ask me. By asking to hear something, a person willingly listens." ~ Elder Porphyrios

This makes me think about how Jay was recently listening to a podcast about the earlier days of Orthodoxy in the America's and how it drastically differs from that of other Christian faiths when coming to the people native to these lands. When Orthodox people came to Alaska, they simply built their churches, held services and gladly accepted any who inquired within. It is evident that wisdom of the Church offers peace to all, that all be in peace and quarrel with no one. If there is anything besides peace, it seems to be a temptation of the evil one, for God does not tempt us away from our paths of salvation, into discord and inharmonious dealings. It may be said that since all is God's will, this could be considered God's allowable will, ie-allowing us temptation/disaster/etc., such as Job, in order to be brought closer to Him.

It also makes me think of this quote: "Acquire the spirit of peace and a thousand souls around you will be saved.” — St. Seraphim of Sarov. It is peace, love and unity which saves. Our spirits effect all else within the realm of this world and the next, sort of a ripple effect. The peaceful tranquility that comes from the heart of one who is at one with God cannot go without touching many facets of every life around; human, animal, plant and otherwise. A person in such a state, I would imagine, would have only Light, Love and Life flowing throughout them that the rest of the world is but a sort of dream.

Well, that was just a few thoughts that have been roaming around in my head lately. Thanks for reading! May peace be with you all the days of your life.


Mimi said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Fresh Garden said...

Insightful and inspiring. I love it!