Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under the Weather

Home sick from church today and anyone who knows me, can say for sure that it takes hell and high waters to keep me from church especially on a sunday during lent. I woke up this morning with some lingering congestion and then soon found out it wasn't leaving anytime soon. My supplements are garlic and parsley, echinacea and elderberry and vitamin C, every 3-4 hours. Thankfully, this was caught in the early stages with all of these things on hand, particularly the elderberry/echinacea blend, so things are nowhere near as bad as they could be and I hope to nip it before it gets much worse. This, of course, require cooperation on my part, which I can be a bit of a micromanaging pain to my dear, patient husband.

I really should be asleep right now, though I did doze off for a bit this morning as I sat listening to ancient faith radio and watching the sprinkling rain turn to snow flurries. It was the sleep of the dead, which may explain my inability to drag myself to sleep currently. I will go soon after my nightly infusion and snack, I suppose.

In spite of missing out on church, one of the highlights of this day are how nicely Katherine has cared for me. She made me a little set up to have everything I needed at my fingertips; tissue, water, supplements, etc. She made me tea and told me what I to do, which sounds just like me, so I know some of what I say is going in and sticking around. She has been so darling today, though she was restless because of the snow, after yesterday's high of 84. She was informed by papa that she needs to become acquainted with hobbies and to use her time wisely, not just in play. She was fussy at first, then found herself drawing on her dry-erase easel making a picture of a dog with green legs, being walked by an invisible man and some smiling worms in the ground and one through an apple. She has always loved art, but she doesn't always redirect toward it. She was given many options and this is always what comes most naturally.

She had a rough time falling asleep also, poor thing, and ended coming out a few times, we told her she could find something to do in bed, like draw. Apparently, she decided to draw us each a card. For one, she folds them backward, so they fold the opposite way. Secondly, she uses her stickers to make multimedia art that I LOVE. Mine has a sticker of a painting on the front of St George and the dragon, 'Mom' and a heart. Inside, we are all together, drawn bodies with a sticker smiley face. Papa has a slice of pizza, I have a drink in hand and she has an ice cream cone and has a think bubble above her head that says, "I <3 mom." The dogs are there, one is saying, "Grrr." There is a fish tank on a table and we are hanging out with 2 cats. I love that she made it for me and how she placed us together and that her only thought is about how she loves her mom, I got al choked up. I love everything about it!

Hmm, well, what else did I do today? Let's see, I did my best not to nitpick Jay's making of the vegetable soup as he chopped things, but I couldn't help but want to jump in and do it for him, since I am the soup maker and the poor guys seemed like he was in near agony chopping all that celery (I got stuffed $1 bags the other day). The soup was great and I think he did well, both in making the soup and putting up with my stuffy-headed delirium. We had a couple of good laughs today, that is really why we get along so well, so for all our back and forth, we do have some great moments, even in sickness. So, veggie soup, total success, watching "Sweetgrass", a documentary about shepherds in Montana, not so much. It was lovely scenery, but toward the end, the foul mouths of those guys had me fast forwarding to the end and moving onto the original "Cheaper By The Dozen." It was a much better choice but, then again, most old movies are a safer, better bet than many new ones, even if they are supposed to be relatively educational. Next we had dinner and Katherine danced and danced for us afterward; a jig here, a reel there. She loves it, what can I say?!

That about sums up this day, though I hope tomorrow is more eventful based on my health improving, but it will never happen if I never go to bed. That is my cue to get going. Goodnight for now, sweet dreams to all!


Marfa said...

I hope you're feeling better sweet how Kat is doting on you, taking such good care...and dancing for you! My girls just LOVE the Irish dancing so far, the 3rd lesson is tomorrow. I do the same thing when Rob is cooking... He is a good cook, though. It might not be MY way, but it's not bad.

Xen Xen said...

Jay does a wonderful job in the kitchen, but it can be rough for me to let it go so he can just do it (when it is one of 'my' things that I make or do), but I am working on it.

So happy you are having such a nice time in class! I noticed in the video that Olivia has quite good form, has she ever danced much before?

I am feeling loads better today, with each little bit that these guys are doing for me, I should be good as new in no time!