Monday, April 16, 2012

A Home and A Dream

I want a little home on a piece of land to grow things every which place I please. A place with trees in the yard for climbing and bearing fruit. On long, hot summer days, I want a porch to prepare my canning fruits and vegetables while Kat is swaying along in the swing in a tree.

I want a wood stove in that home, where I sit and knit on cold winter nights. A little chimney that puffs out the tired leftovers from the fire that blazes to keep us warm. I want a root cellar to keep all of the things we have grown throughout the long season of fruitful abundance.

I want a place to grow old, where my grandchildren will come to sit and hear stories on my lap. I want long and winding paths that take me out of myself and into a dream of the life and age to come.

Perhaps one day.


heather west said...

Bakersfield is really cheap, you know. We can definitely serve up the long, hot summer days. You're on your own for the root cellar, though.