Monday, May 7, 2012

Since We Left Home

Oh my goodness! Since we left the house for vacation we have found out that timing has changed for my folks to meet us due to a foot infection not responding to treatment for the first round, ergo our time has been shifted; the VA is finally ready to sit with Jay for compensation, 9 months later; Jay's long-term disability apparently has decided that the one physical therapy evaluation is good enough to drop his coverage and told him that they think he can work (ha!!); and, the icing on the cake is losing both goldfish within days of one another! Lord, have mercy!

Okay, so I can be flexible with our timing here, because I want to see my parents for more than 3 stinking days, considering it has been over a year now since the last time we were together. I am only hoping that the VA is ready to take Jay on full time so we won't have any issues with the longterm, but the insurance was saying that they'd pay him disability through today, so when we get home, I may be in the market for a job, just to make ends meet until we hear from VA compensation. They are supposed to be checking to see whether there is a grace period for discontinuing the compensation through the insurance, but I can't hold my breath. We aren't even home so we can point out the part in the packet that Jay thinks he read it in. It could go one of two ways: We may have a minimum of a month at full pay to figure things out, or we may come home to just enough to pay the mortgage! Don't you just LOVE surprises?!?!

Poor Katherine and her goldfish! I had to tell her that Ponyo and Tellie 'didn't' make it and I was really sorry, but we can get two new fish when we get home. I told her that right before Jay talked to the insurance people and I am a mom of my word...

Getting turned on our heels like this is rather exhausting! When it rains, it pours and it has been coming down this past week. Thankfully, in case things are supremely tight soon, I have saved a little bit of money for our anniversary in september, since it is our 10th and we have been through plenty in that decade, I thought we should do something nice. Perhaps everything will have come out in the wash by then, if I have to use it for daily living expenses.

Please keep us in your prayers as we wade through the mire and hope to emerge more stable on the other side. Glory to God for all things! (even the stuff we don't choose, or exactly want/appreciate at the time)