Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fire in the Night

I have come. To where, I know not.
This place seeps right into my veins.
It pulls at the strings and lights a match of arousal.
Thickly as it coats, my sight is slighted.
Familiar songs call longingly, as inward they are kept;
Through darkened doorways come melodies of yesteryear.
To dance or to cry; teardrops answer without pause.
A cleansing and a purpose, but stinging nonetheless.
Swaying to the lull, as gravity heightens reality.
This is no dream, but life in itself.
Twists and turns remind the heart and soul,
This is not home, this temporal life.
Trial by fire, so I have heard it called,
Burns for harm or redemption, as it enwraps the heart and mind.
Would that faith hold me firm,while He guide my feet aright
In the fiery furnace of temptation and want.
I forge my humanity into fullness and seek Divinity in plenitude.


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