Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Friends the Birds

In Colorado, my bird was the red-winged blackbird, who still hold a special place in my heart. They keep a particular piece of my life that is steeped in fathoms of contemplation, personal and family struggles mixed with change, and a profound seriousness. These birds came when I needed to remember the beauty and playfulness in life, but also to keep me steady in the moment or day at hand. A glimpse of childlike spirit coupled with the ebb and flow of life's great mystery of change and sameness all at once.

They are still here, though they have not found themselves necessary in the same capacity and so have become somewhat dormant. It appears that the bald eagle has made itself known as the newest bird in my journey through this life, so I looked up any symbolism relating to them. I am of the opinion that God is always finding ways for us to hear Him, through ways we will best listen, and for me, they are the trees and birds, in much of His rugged Creation. As it I would see, the bald eagle is seen by the Native Americans as a communicator between the Creator and Created, carrying prayers to and fro. What a comfort! The first appeared on a day when I needed some small affirmation, anything really, to give ease to some things coming up that had yet to be revealed, but on the horizon just the same. When they come, the idea is that your prayers are being heard and communicated, but also that everything will be okay.

I have now seen a number of them at any given time where my heart is yearning and feeling heavy and torn, or simply distanced from the very spirituality I have come to breathe in and out, but feels lacking. Today I was telling someone of these things after church and it was a nice discussion before heading off to where I am currently: coffee all by myself! As I walked along the street passing memory after haunting memory of people and places, I approached the intersection (which I am sure can be take both literally and figuratively) where a great many birds were chattering. Amidst the clamor of all their voices, I could hear the red-winged blackbird saying hello. I could not yet see with my eyes, but trusted in my heart that they were there. I saw them as I came upon them and my heart was glad. Nothing flies like and eagle, or sings like a red-winged blackbird.

Glory to God for all things!