Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunshine and Rest

A bit of respite today, as we took a walk after breakfast. The weather is so comely, we have been out to enjoy since after the walk. The dishes are waiting for me, the vacuuming and putting away of laundry, too, but I could not help but take advantage of such a momentous afternoon!

The birds have all been bustling about and squirrels run to and fro, while preparing for spring to be in full bloom. It reminds me that it is not when something is in full swing, but the journey to prepare for it, which creates occasion to properly welcome such beauties and richness of life. We venture forward, though we are slowing giving farewell to Spring's cousin, the Winter, as we walk to meet the flowers, rain, and evenness of delightful weather and precursor to Summer.

Sitting in the sunshine out here in the grass imagining the projects to come, I dream of what a little grooming will bring and how we will attract as many lovely things as possible with our planting, but also must protect it from creatures. The trickle and burble of the creek, coupled with breezes, sunshine, girly giggles, and bird calls, I have seen a new peace and perfection in that rugged beauty that is life.

I wrote this on friday, we have since had SNOW again! :)


elizabeth said...

love your pictures and posts! lovely! It can be a wonderful reminder that after winter comes Spring... love to you this day!

Xen Xen said...

Thank you so kindly! It is always so wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are weill and settling in :)