Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beach Day!

Went to the beach today and met up with the West Fam. It was a beautiful, sunny day here in HB! We had a blast and time just slipped away as it usually does when we are hanging out, especially at the beach. One of the highlights is that there were a couple of dolphins playing and jumping right in front of where we were gathered this afternoon. Another was how Nina and Anna played so nicely together; they really seemed to get along great!

After the beach we went up to In-N-Out for some dinner and it was slammed! Great that we can get food we can all eat at one place without a hassle and for fairly inexpensive. They've got protein style where the actually wrap your burger in lettuce and all of it is whole foods!! Radness!

Side note-we have taken to calling Jay Poseidon!