Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great Day!

Today we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and a 3.5 hour whale watching cruise! What fun that we were able to do this. The aquarium was just right and the girls enjoyed touching moon jellyfish, stingrays, and bamboo sharks. We also saw many other types of fishes, jellyfishes, and sharks. I learned that jellyfish haven't got a brain, like the scarecrow, and mainly have 4 stomachs (one for each tentacle), take 3 years to mature into what we see as jellyfish, and seem to operate instinctually as they swim together.

After our morning being at the aquarium, we grabbed our bags of lunch and snack and headed to the gathering area for our whale boat. There were enough people to share the adventure, but not too many to feel crowded. Everyone had an amazing time out at sea; we saw 2 blue whales, a few pods of dolphins, 2 sea lions, a sunfish, and a sea turtle! I learned that dolphins will stay together for their whole lives if they can. The sky was clear, the ocean beautiful, and the creatures abounding!


peacework projects said...

i'm not jealous at all. that all sounds really boring. poseidon schmeidon.

Jason Dunn said...

It would have only been made better by having you there!

peacework projects said...

thanks J-Dawg! would have loved to. when you guys come down for 6 months in your RV, we'll plan it!!!!!

Martha said...

great yellow sunglasses Kat has...isn't it fun to learn while having fun? so interesting about the jellyfish! ♥ I have fond memories of going out off the coast of Massachusetts when I was about 10 on my first whale watch...we had to come back, as a storm was brewing and the waves were getting very high.