Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thought on Veteran's Day

Ah, Veteran's day. A day to remember veterans, their service, their sacrifice, and whatever else that arises. On the flip side, those of us connected to service members who have served to the extent that they have been compromised, broken, or even lost to us, it is bittersweet. It is a great thing to honor them, but for many, it is a reminder of what has come to pass, which taints memories. The plans that had been made, dreams that were imagined, become but dust and a wisp of a thought.

When I think of my veteran, I appreciate his sacrifice, without a doubt. When I think of other veterans, I appreciate the same, but I am closer to the families that laid out their entire existence to be apart, the present they sacrifice (and continue to do), plus the future that may not come to pass, and how their worlds will more than likely be shifted upon the return of their soldiers.

When someone thanks my husband for his service, I am grateful they think of him and his willingness to stand and fight. I would be remiss if I did not also mention that it also feels so empty, since not all will truly know the reality of seeing someone off to war and having someone else return in their body. In my world, every day is veteran's day, because I have no choice but to live with what war does to people and has done to my husband and our family. This is a centuries old predicament that permeates all people in all places and so I feel for all generations and families, near and far.

This veteran's day, I implore you to consider that, although a veteran's countenance may appear average, the inner workings are almost always churning and they must live with what they have left, which sometimes is precious little compared to what might have been. Compassion is something they cannot live without and their families deserve a big hug, even if only in prayer and spirit. Remember the veteran, remember the families, remember the lessons, and continue with love and understanding.


elizabeth said...

I have been thinking of you; what you wrote is well said. May God continue to protect you all and keep you in His care.

Xen Xen said...

Thank you! I hope you are well, I do need to check in with your blog soon, too!