Sunday, November 3, 2013


The weather has finally begun to reflect the season which is now upon us. The gray hues in the sky provide a stark contrast for the bright leaves still clinging to the trees. It is my most favorite, as it slows me to the pace I find the most peace. Productive, without overactivity, and contemplative, with enough time for proper thought. I ought not be anywhere as changing of the seasons, but they have always had a way of shifting my energy and focus into one so decidedly theirs.

I love the stillness that comes with the cooling and darkening of the year. It never fails to amaze me how the trees and creatures flow so knowingly along with each passing day as the days change. When the cold sets in is when we see the staunch and sturdy beauty this Creation truly has in store. It is almost as though we are privileged enough to have a peek into the foundation of strength and eternity which lies beneath all that we see. To perceive with sight is a gift, indeed, but to sense the thread that binds the present with eternity is most certainly a blessing, without question.

Glory to God for all things! Blessed Autumn to all!