Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Piece of my Heart

It was he who taught me to be quiet and gentle whenever possible
It was she who gave a smile and made motherhood desirable
He has been steady and calm
While her ship sails this sea of life
He has conveyed a heartfelt generosity which words cannot express
Her unnoticed tasks perpetually kept us well, though our gratitude was elusive
His demeanor can soften the most callous
Her determination is admirable
His struggles lay thick upon each day, though they won't quite slip away
She stays the course most excellent, without a thought to herself

Pictures in my mind of what it is to be Christian
They showed me more than they may ever know
I only hope to pass so much to mine
They took me to church and prayed for my little soul
They have been selfless, loving, kind and genuine
They are tireless, perseverant, generous and devoted
They live in symbiosis, which gives hope to our lives
They have fallen and, together, have regained the path

I love them separately, but it is together where their meaning lies
One without the other does not make sense
Their lives entwined, their souls cannot unwind
Peace and love to them both
For what they give, surely they will receive
Many blessing in their lives throughout the rest of their days
I would not have this wholeness, if not for theirs