Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quickie

So, I only have a few minutes because I ought to be sleeping to rest up for a big day at Berry Patch Farms in the morning. My goal is to can a load of stuff so as to supplement every dinner (or, at least on meal per day) with something canned from home. We will be making pickles, relish, marinara, jams, peach halves, applesauce, salsa, etc. I will keep everyone updated as to how it goes! I keep telling people that I will go broke/hungry now, just to have some things this winter and it will be well worth it.

I picked up the book, "Pearl of Great Price: The Life of Mother Maria Skobtsova 1891-1945." So far, it is a good book, rather an easy read. For those of you who know me, that is saying something, since books and I have a splotchy past. We like each other, just not all the time, every day, nor every subject. I wanted to get this book because her life is interesting to me, as a contemporary saint, who lived during some of the most deadly, brutal and darkly monstrous times the world has ever seen. Little did I know, she wrote poetry, which I think is fantastic and hope to find some writings intact. I will leave this posting with a short bit of her poetry she apparently wrote while she travelled.

"Again I leave, the poorer,
for some more distant part.
The world, try as one might,
will not fit in one heart."


Marfa said...

How was the berry farm? We have not had the best of luck canning...but perhaps we should give it another try. It would be good...

Xen Xen said...

It was great! We have a lot of cucumber to pickle and a few berries to jam. I am grateful to go and have the opportunity to do this. We met a few other families out there too! If I lived nearby that farm, I think I would get all my fresh stuff there all season :o)

h west said...

Glad you got that book. That's my next read.

Xen Xen said...

H-So far, it is a good read and I can tell how much I will like it. I actually got it at St. Catherine's bookstore :o)