Sunday, December 4, 2011

Death and Travel

Today we talked about a lot of stuff, considering I am not much use at doing anything hardly. One of the things we talked about is death. She is, at times, still stricken with paralysis, when the subject of death arises. Some of it is connected to her papa's health struggle and journey, I think, having her mortality issues coming on over a year, or so, ago. I asked her if she was afraid of dying, she said no. This is good, but her little heart is so heavy with the thought of losing her mom or dad.

I told her about when I was about her age and sat with my dad in the dark night, because I couldn't sleep, and he was the only one up. He has always been so good to talk to, so I was able to talk without as many words as others people. I related how I felt, but that it was good to talk to my dad about it, because it helped take some of the weight off of my heart. I encouraged her to talk to me, and assured her that what she is thinking and feeling is perfectly normal.

On a lighter note, we also discussed travel. I asked her where she'd like to go and, to my surprise, her answer was China and Africa. I mean, really? She says she wants to go to Africa for the cheetahs. I told her that I want to take her to Alaska, Mexico, and France. In Alaska, there is fishing, camping, beauty, and so much more. In Mexico, I told her of beaches. In France, I reminded her that is where Giverny sits, awaiting visitors and artists.

We can dream, right?


Anastasia said...

Dreams are beautiful! It is lovely to have them. I hope that you include in Greece in your travel plans of the future!!! Wishing you a blessed week my dear sister!!!

Xen Xen said...

We would like that! We have ever so many dreams and places we'd like to visit, that I mentioned your comment to Kat this morning and she said, "I wanna go to Greece!"

Anastasia said...

Oh Sweetie! It would be lovely to meet you one day here in Greece. Tell Kat that we will be waiting for you to come!!!!

Xen Xen said...

If money weren't an object at all, she'd have us there in a heartbeat! Thanks, we may take you up on that someday :)