Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thy Will Be Done

I have tried
So many times before
To pick up the garments
Laid on the floor
They are not mine
And do not fit
I look to find
What never did drop
Eyes fixed beyond
What offers truth
You stand well-nigh
Omnipotent at my side
To catch a glimpse
Up hills, through trees
Your shadow leaves
Me longing to sieze
What lies before
But always within
I am wanting more
Yearning for resolution
Only to acquire
A taste of understanding
So sweet with desire
Laden with bitter delight

The items I chose
To clothe myself in
Not mine, but those
From lives gone by
Who've shed the old man
Put on the new
Each step began
Discerning the path
With growing insight
Into Mysteries aplenty
I have spoken my plight
I can see more clearly

I cannot be
Who You do not consent
Apprehensions flee
As I comprehend
The perfect way
Laid at my feet
I choose this day
To loose my bonds
Take up the cross
That only is mine
There is one loss
That of myself
The one who thought
To dress as they
I have been taught
A different way
To be the one
Whose garments fall
Until I become
Clad in Your Glory