Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lord, Have Mercy

Dave is gone, not from our thoughts, but from our lives. How can they be so very different? Our hearts contain him, our words and daily interactions reflect him, but he isn't here to weigh in on the obvious.

I sit here listening to his Counting Crows CD, August and Everything After; I borrowed it, what seems like, so many lifetimes ago as a kid, but Andrea gave it to me after his passing recently. The thread that is drawn from each moment that glides through years becomes ingrained like a piece of ourselves we don't see until it slips away. Gone. A whisper in the wind.

Everything and nothing is lost. Dave's person is gone, but he is with each of us in all that we do. Where did the time go, why was it so fleeting? God alone knows the answer and I am still learning Truth.

O have come to understand, through this bit of life that hangs so close to my own, that whatever we do effects those around us, regardless of how minute it may seem. The ripple is in effect, from the embrace of a simple hug, to the glance carrying contempt. Things may seem to progress into a non-sequential rhythm of life, but all is connected, there is no escape from it.

Be aware, be awake, to the ways that touch or harm one another, no matter where on this globe we stand, we effect the others' lives. I will never believe differently. May Dave rest in peace, being kept in God's mercy, love, and compassion. I weep for the earthly loss, but trust in His omnipotence.