Thursday, October 31, 2013

Biking, How Do I Love Thee?

I have a great bike, her name is Samantha. Yes, I named my bike. She is a Trek 1.5 road bike and my first true love that makes me want to ride and ride. I got this bike about 6 years ago, I think, so she's got all the bells and whistles. I believe the following year the models did not have the same high-end bits and whatnot.

Since adding my odometer, I have ridden about 460 miles, minus this past year, when I did not ride her once *sad face*. Now that we are in town, I fully expect to add a ton more miles, since that will be my main mode of transport, aside from walking. Today was the first day in over a year since hopping on that bike and riding to town. I had forgotten all the reasons I own that bike. I feel free, effortless, and content. No other bike has been so comfortable and fit me like a glove--ever.

We, as a family, are moving toward being as car-free as possible for a number of reasons, so we will all be on foot and bike in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully, years! All our bikes still fit us well, and we even got a tow behind kid trailer for Miss Mini Mae to ride in on all of our adventures!

I know some of this seems silly, but precious little in this world fits me and offers so much. I am neither petite or regular, so everything is either too big or too small, except this bike... All for now, I just enjoy my bike on so many levels and wanted to share.