Friday, January 17, 2014

Foggy Days

Fog is one of those amazing creations in this world, both eternal and transitory, it seems. These past days we have had a fog that has been drawn out through the valley, only to be washed over the shores of the hills by evenings return. It is has been both dense and intangible. Cool, damp, sturdy, comforting, and calming, the fog is solace in a world that is busy with itself. 

Thick and dormant, there is little to be spared. In the night, the cold air invites the fog to rest upon every surface reachable and, by morning, there is such a silver glimmer of frozen life, it sparkles with reverence and devotion. As the sun emerges from the blackness of night, the clinging fog awakens to greet its warmth and welcome. Again, the sun delights the dew of fog to dance about and create a shimmering glitter of radiance that is only caught when we stop to notice and breath a little.

The ebb and flow of this heavy fog renews my heart and soul in such a way as to lure thoughts of eternity and longing as nothing else is able. I find myself here, as I reside in such a state of dream and wake, as it is both stable and fickle. After days of this ocean of fog coming and going, trapping what it will and letting all else linger on its own, I will admit the enormous blast of sun today gives way to refreshment and joy, offering a new hope of spring to come!