Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nearly Spring

Awaken me like the early spring

Ready in anticipation of abundant Life
Call me gently to You
Oh God of life, peace, and love

Direct my growth and yearnings
Set right my aching heart
Squelch the burning of passions
Hush the chatter of foolishness

I must prepare a place for planting
Seeds of eternal hope and tranquility
Working in symbiosis
To reveal fruits from seedling

The night will guard the Mysteries kept
With quiet solitude and prayer
As day begins anew in magnificence
Offering the hope of life eternal

As the birds call to You in earnest
Hear also the prayer of one divided 
Between a life that can be seen 
And one that is Forever in You

Stir contrition and prayer in me
I wish to lay up myself
Take up the cross which is given
Diligently, ardently follow You for all eternity