Thursday, January 9, 2014

Overdue Update

I am sitting at the coffee shop, latte in cup, and having a bit of time to myself. This is  the third day in a row we had tried to get me out of the house to have a bit of time away from the busyness of the days, since it has been awhile. I am grateful for any time at all, truly and definitely. I got to ride my bike, wearing my new leather gloves to keep my hands from becoming ice cubes, and they were a success. Riding bikes for most things in town is a goal we have, but with it being drizzly, we will need to invest in a rain/wind shield for the trailer that Mini rides in. We are looking into getting some new smoother tires for Sissy's bike to reduce friction and make it easier for her to ride longer distances. She is actually quite a sport about the riding, but if we are going to ride to some of her classes, like Le Cirque and swimming, which are extremely physical, it would be nice that she can conserve some energy in riding. At some point, she will build up some more endurance, but I am a fan of setting things in place for success with the proper exertion and focus.

That brings me to the girls classes! We have both girls in classes this month which include: tumbling, swim, ceramics, piano, and Le Cirque. Mini is currently taking tumbling three mornings a week, one of which is with Sissy, though we had hoped we could have her in swim, as well, but the time for the ONLY parent/tot swim conflicted with the rest. We are actually discussing whether we will jujst become members at the YMCA so she can just go swim with mommy or daddy whenever there is open swim and we have time. We live less than a mile from the Y and both girls are avid waterbabies, so it is looking like our best interest to invest, even if it is just or the pool! 

Sissy is the only kid enrolled in her swim class, so we get private lessons for the price of group! Last night, her swim teacher told her that she thinks that Sis would be great on a swim team and decided to begin endurance training her. For a half an hour straight, she swam laps! She swam freestyle down to the deep end, was given a minute to tread water and make sure she wasn't wiped out, then swam breast stroke back down the lane, moving almost immediately into elementary backstroke to keep her heart rate up, but not work too hard. Back and forth she swam, then practiced a little diving at the end. When we talked about it later and I mentioned how she just kept swimming, she said, "If I stop, I get too tired and it's harder to start back up again." Good for her! We have often said that she is built like a swimmer and I am pleased we are able to give her the opportunity to give it a go. Jay and I were joking last night that Sis will be our relay swimmer and MIni will be our water polo kid, since both adore the water.

As far as classes go, I am super thankful that the tumbling offers sibling and multiple class discount, which makes it very affordable. All the classes seem to have an element to offer the girls, both in challenge, togetherness and team work, individual focus and development, and enjoyment. The structure of these classes has given us the chance to have more routine in our lives, which is a blessing, truly a Godsend. I have often said that I am capable of following routine and schedule, but left to my own devices, I will likely drift from the originally drafted plans...So far, so good. 

Mini is a hoot and a holler these days, even in spite of her sleep troubles that have popped back up again. She is goofy and sweet, with facial expressions to match. One of her favorite phrases lately is, 'Dat's funny!' She has a big heart, full of compassion and drive, and with God's help, perhaps we can guide her toward the best avenues of exploring and using her gifts. She always seems to know who needs her smile or a hug. She has a special way about her that is terribly magnetic and loving, though she is still very much a toddler trying to find words to communicate and the storm can break out without much warning, especially if there is a lack of sleep. She has ever so many words and is enunciating more clearly than ever, much to her delight. She keeps asking to go on a walk, then follows that up with wanting to go to Meema's house. She doesn't quite get that we have to drive all the way through the entire state of California to get there, and little does she care, she just wants to go there and go to the beach!

The snow finally melted away, leaving behind it a plethora of mud, but the drier weather allowed the mud to subside and we can finally get back in the habit of daily outtings without massive bundles or clean up. In the midst of all this weather, we have had a wonderful season of family, friends, and feast! Perhaps more on that later, since I think this is enough for now and I may knit for a few before heading back home again. May your days be blessed.


elizabeth said...

so good to hear from you!!! so glad to hear what you are up to... sounds like some very good things; I am like that and need schedules too...