Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Day of Rather Peculiar Happenings, Yet Ordinary in All Measures

What an absolute blithering day! Woke up at 6:23 after going to bed too late, but having told Jay I prefer morning workouts while the family is asleep, I decided it was as good as any time to get up. Dragged self out of bed to go workout and got there by 7 after splashing sufficient water on my face and checking email. Workout was pretty good, gave some thought to doing a duathlon or a tri. At the end, I climbed onto the crossramp thingy and the left 'pedal' came off track, thankfully I was not mid-stride when it dismantled itself. Close call, no fall, all good. Finish, stretch, go home and rouse family for morning prayers and breakfast to assess Katherine's health.

Hacking, dry cough that doesn't do anything, hmm. Mommy instinct says to keep her home as much as possible today, so no church (boo! oh well...), but Jay's appointment at 1 can't be avoided and I am the driver without anyone to sit with Katherine while I take the hubby in to his meeting. The meeting is around the corner from Costco, so we decide stopping in prior to the meeting would behoove us, so we do. On the way out, I search my purse for keys, asking Jay if I gave the key to him. His response, "No, I bet you put them in your sweater pocket right before you took it off and tossed it on the seat." Blast and wretch, he's right! The wind had stopped blowing and we were all so excited to not need a sweater, we all left them behind before going in, hoping to soak up some sun. We don't usually lock the car, but we parked in the handicap spot and if the placard gets stolen it could be a bear trying to replace it, so we lock when we park in those places. Thankfully, Gina was close with the spare, seriously close, as in, I couldn't have planned it better if I tried! What a Godsend that she was so near and we were able to still make it everywhere we needed to on time. We decided it was Providential and will leave it at that.

Afterward, we stopped over at the Tuesday Morning shop to pop in for a quick look for a nice, big stock pot. I want one to make the soup for sunday at church because the one I have is too small and I got some birthday money from Jay's mom. No dice at that store, but Jay points out Ross' across the way (I was considering T.J. Maxx) and I thought he might be onto something, so I went in to look. There on the end cap of a house ware aisle were sitting 3 stock pots, the exact size I was trying to find, 3 lovely colors to choose from and the price was WAY better than expected! Yay! We can go home!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig, I put a few things away, eat some food in hopes of going to knitting early to get back for Jay to go to a class at the gym. That didn't happen, but things could be worse, though I did successfully attach some fusible interfacing to some of the pattern I cut out.

As I recount this day, it certainly was mildly agitating, but I am realizing that it was a day of close calls. Something bad nearly happened all day that could have made everything completely and unavoidably awful, but it didn't. I could have been seriously injured on the machine at the gym had I been on it when it went off track, but it didn't. We could have had food spoiling, Katherine getting worse every moment with that cough and Jay late for his meeting to get his things from a program trying to work with him for his brain injury, but it didn't. We could have searched absolutely high and low for a stock pot of this caliber and not found it, or paid too much, but it didn't happen like that.

Looks like what started off as a grumble, has ended in a realization that, although I cannot always see it at the time, everything is always as it should be. Huh.


JrWhale said...

Everything is as it is so it's good/nice/convenient/lucky/soulful that you think it is as it should be. It's been half a life since I read CS Lewis's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, but an idea that he presents in the intro has never left me. To paraphrase: If you are in heaven, you will look back and it will appear as if each moment in your life led you there, and if you are in hell, it will appear that each moment led you there. Perception shapes reality as much as anything else is the point that I am errantly getting at.